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Soor Food Stuff

We are importers and our company name is Al Soor Foodstuff. L.L.C, In Amman Jordan, we established our company in July 2008. Mainly we are specialized in most kinds of foods, so please take a look On some of our products names that we deal in and import them from all Over the world. Our main warehouses and sales departments are in Iraq Baghdad because We have very good markets there and we have good control on our markets There from the south to the north.

Our markets in Iraq have very good demands and consumption on the foods Items, so for this reason we established our sales departments & warehouses There since 1960, as our grandfathers who started our fist step there and Established small warehouse and sales department there. So we were known In name of Mala Allah Office General Trading there in past time.

So we are proud of our history & glories of our grandfathers in business Of foods and proud because we are still keeping on our specializing in job successfully

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